22nd July 2008

Labels influencing wine purchases

Show Label 

I don’t know how many of you are guilty of this, but I know I am, and not ashamed to admit it.  I pick out my wine by the packaging! Ok so now that thats out in the open, I’d like to say that more often than not the wines I choose are hits.  For me it’s not just the label that I take into consideration, the bottle and the name also play a major role. 

And after spending a week drinking non stop in the Outer Banks, I found this handy article in my inbox Buying Wine For Its Label from our friends at Mainstreet.  To my relief there are more people like me, aspiring winos, and collectors who have been known to buy for the label as well. This is becoming such a phenomenon that wineries have started to take notice, “a number of wineries, hoping to better sell their wines as essential lifestyle accessories — and perhaps make them a little more collectible — are putting art work on their labels”. Make sure to check out the complete article here!

** yes, and the above photo is an actual wine label.  visit at www.theshowwines.com

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