28th August 2008

Poolside Pong

Just in time for the end of Summer!


These guys have somehow made a great drinking game even better!

Cups constantly falling off the table? Poolside Pong has slots for each cup so they don’t shift during play.

Is it Summer time? Enjoying your time in the pool? Well Poolside Pong makes it so you never have to get out!

Buy it here: Poolsidepong.com

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26th August 2008

Dear Chip Sinton

Chippity Do Da…

I’m sorry if our previous post offended you. The scope of this website is to provide a forum to discuss alcohol related news, events and most importantly, opinions. Perhaps you will one day prove my post wrong, and the NYRA will become a legitimate legal powerhouse… Perhaps with arguments like these from YOUR forums you can convince legislators to change the drinking age:

“Um, I don’t think we want to support Mother Against Peeing Standing Up…”

“Is calling them ‘motherfuckers against drink driving’ allowed as long as it’s in a reasoned post?”

“BOMB IT! I mean… maybe you should challenge them to a debate?” – In response to a MADD meeting post

How do you expect to lower the drinking age, when your demographic openly disrespects a group organized to prevent DRUNK DRIVING, and takes an active role to help victims recover??

The drinking age is 21 for a number of reasons. It potentially decreases the amount of alcohol related problems nationwide (drunk driving, abuse, illness, etc…), there is even monetary motivation : (a study in Canada showed that raising the drinking age would cut down on federal spending by 100’s of millions of dollars – “Alcohol Abuse Costs Canadians Money”).

If what you say about the behavior modification facilities is true, I commend your effort and would consider rephrasing my original statement… as a note: perhaps you should post that accomplishment on your website.

You can quote George Orwell all you want, but I’m quite sure it won’t do much to convince anybody.

On a related note… I remember when I was in High school; my English teacher told us to write an argumentative essay to a business or government unit. I paid some kid 5$ to write it for me, and I drank a 1/5 of vodka in my buddies basement and banged my girlfriend instead. Perhaps you should stop trying to be an adult, Chip, and enjoy your teenage years. You have your whole life ahead of you to have babies, pay bills, develop your career, and change the world…  and oh yes, drink.

Now excuse me while I rent a car and head on down to AC.  I’ll probably rent a room and spend the night at the poker table sippin’ on a Sam Adams, one of the few remaining “All-American” Brews – After curfew, I might even be in the mood for a trip to a strip club…  I don’t know though, we’ll have to see if I have time… I might be too busy enjoying other things you have to be 21 for!!

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22nd August 2008

18 & Over: Age Old Debate

If you haven’t heard yet, there is a new movement by the National Youth Rights Association (NYRA) to lower the drinking age to 18 years old.   It was highlighted on the front page of MSNBC last week, and completely supports a point made by a reader of this site earlier in the year: see here.  In their 10 years of existance the NYRA has accomplished little more than existing; that and constantly bitching about kid’s not being treated like adults (with the obvious exception of silly matters such as capital punishment, imprisonment, and financial responsibility).  So i would be shocked to see anything come from this movement, other than free publicity for NYRA.  What i do expect to see, however, is our readers weighing in on this topic while they drink to celebrate a new weekend!

If you are interested in learning more about the topic, i would recommend visiting http://www.chooseresponsibility.org/.

By Mark Stauffer

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22nd August 2008

Drinking Item Of The Week

My friends find the coolest stuff.  My buddy Justin sent me a link today to a product that should have been invented years ago! 

Going to a sporting event/concert, metal detectors getting in the way? Well check out this item:

The Disposable Flask

disposableflask.jpgItem Attributes:

• Size: 4″ x 6″ inches
• Holds approx 7.5 fl. oz. (Thats 5 whole shots!)
• Cold Liquids
• Inexpensive
• Durable
• Compact
• Light weight
• Screw cap lid
• Customizable (Stickers or Custom Printed artwork)
• Reuse several times before discarding

The flask is durable, compact, collapsible and lightweight. It stands freely when filled, empties completely flat and freezes safely.

Find it HERE

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22nd August 2008

Madonna’s ‘Crack Baby’

And no, I don’t mean “A baby born to a mother who used crack cocaine during pregnancy. Sometimes mentally deficient, physically deformed, and addicted.” (Source: Urban Dictionary), but rather the shot Madonna chose to drink on her surprise 50th birthday. 

Crack Baby

  • Ice
  • 1/2 carton Passion Fruit Juice
  • 375 ml of vodka
  • chopped strawberries
  • 1 bottle champagne
  • Directions: Put first 4 ingredients together in an electric blender, blend well. In a cocktail glass, pour half mixture from blender and half champagne Lightly stir.

    Note: Do NOT put Champagne in the blender, you will get quite the mess!

    Where she had it: London’s Volstead club

    Courtesy of the Cocktail Examiner.

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    19th August 2008

    Political Preference

    I read an interesting article today over on WSJ.com entitled “Who Sets the Bar When it Comes to Cocktails: Democrats or Republicans?”

    From which political party gives the best tips to who stays out till “Last Call” its all here:

    – Who is a better tipper? Democrats 60%, Republicans 38%
    – Who is more likely to order a drink straight up? Democrats 14%, Republicans 82%
    – Who is more likely to order a fruity (pink) drink? Democrats 58%, Republicans 34%
    – Who has the better pick-up lines? Democrats 74%, Republicans 14% (This one makes me proud to be a Dem!)
    – Who is better at giving a toast? Democrats 63%, Republicans 36%
    – Who is more likely to arrive first to happy hour? Democrats 48%, Republicans 50%
    – Who is more likely to be the last to go home? Democrats 53%, Republicans 46% (I guess if the Republican’s arrive first it only makes sense that the Dem’s leave last)

    Based on the data it seems that the Republicans are Cheap, boring & single where Dem’s are Fun, flirtascious party-goers & the fruity drinks seems accurate considering a gay republican is pretty much an oxymoron. 

    Overlooked questions:

    – Who is more likely to have a mistress? (Probably 50-50 split)
    – Who is more likely to be found in bed with someone of the same sex?
    – Who is more likely to “inhale?”

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    18th August 2008

    World Pong Tour

    The World (Beer)Pong Tour – Every frat boy’s chance to exert their dominance for cash & prizes and, more importantly, BRAGGING RIGHTS!

    After making a stop this past weekend at Porky’s in NYC the World (Beer)Pong Tour is heading to Buffalo, NY (8/19) followed by Lockport (8/20), according to the site WorldPongTour.com.

    Rules for the tournament:

    • Bracket style, double elimination.
    • Up to 80 teams
    • Drinking is OPTIONAL, you can substitute with water (But please, don’t be square)
    • 2 players per team, no subs
    • $25 entry fee online, $30 at the door
    • Must be 21
    • 10 cup format
    • NO bouncing
    • 2 re-racks at 2,3,4 or 6 cups (No mid-turn re-racks)


    1. $1,000 cash
    2. $100 gift certificate to the host bar
    3. $25 gift certificate to the hose bar

    Not too shabby huh?

    The World Pong Tour will make its return to the NYC area on 8/23 @ the Big Easy and 8/30 back at Porky’s. The Full schedule can be found here: Schedule

    More rules can be found here: Official WPT Rulebook

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    14th August 2008

    Do You Like Sex and Alcohol?

    PUSH , Think of it as the UK version of “The top 10 party schools” only it’s better than the US version! Here’s some key info for those of you in the UK choosing a school in the near future or for those of you in the US going abroad even:

    Want cheap beer? Head to Falmouth, Teesside and Bangor Uni where beer costs less than £1.50. Meanwhile, eleven other universities all have a pint for under £1.75. Where should you stay away from? Well London of course and also two of Edinburgh’s universities – Heriot-Watt (£2.73) and Napier (£2.95).

    How about those of you “looking for love?” Well more than likely its the quick hookup, but anyway… Those single men out there shouldn’t give a second thought about Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln. There’s eight lovely ladies for every ONE man! And for the ladies, head on over to Imperial College London. Two thirds of the students are male.
    Read the rest of this entry »

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    14th August 2008

    College Prices in NYC

    Last night I went out to Turtle Bay over on 52nd and 2nd Ave in NYC.  My friend had told me of a Wednesday Night special I had to see to believe:

    Beers – $1 Mugs and $10 pitchers – Yes the mugs were just 8 ounces and while it came out of a Bud Light Tap it could very well have been Natty Light, but for a buck I sure as hell didn’t care!

    Food – 50 cents a wing and $2 sliders. Read the rest of this entry »

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    13th August 2008

    Buy Your Friend A Drink – From East to West

    Busier & more successful than the rest of your friends? Always buying them drinks? Constantly hounded to go out, but you’re too tired?  Or maybe it’s your best friend’s 21st birthday but you can’t make it out because you live on the other side of the country?  Well for those of you who have these problems BuyYourFriendADrink.com allows you to purchase alcoholic beverages for your buddies from the comfort of your own home.  All you need is a computer & a credit card or Pay Pal account!

    If you want to buy your friend a drink you can send him a drink coupon via e-mail, regular mail or even text message!  To Redeem, simply just click the RedeemMyDrink button on the site, find a participating bar and go get your drink!

    The site provides a list of participating venues, offers free drink incentives, and lists the BYFAD team’s favorite drinks.  Currently there are a number of participating US cities from East to West, from NYC to Miami to Los Angeles, you can get your friend’s drunk from anywhere!  (Although it hasn’t made its way overseas just yet…)

    It also seems like this site has some benefits if you use it simply for yourself.  Today I took a moment to sign myself up and order a “Drink Card”.  Stated benefits include:

    Earn $10 immediately when you request a Drink Card
    Earn 20% bonus every time you add value to your Drink Card

    As soon as I get my card and try it out I will post more details about the site.  Until then, stay tuned!

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    The Bartender