7th August 2008

For My UK Contingent

Ladies! Free Beer! Tonight!

If you’re female and fancy some free beer tonight we’ve got 2 places available for you to go to the Great British Beer Festival on at Earls Court. Arrive at 7.45pm and you’ll be taken on a tour of the festival by leading female beer expert Melissa Cole who’ll be trying to convince you that beer is actually nice. They’ll be supplying you with free entry tickets and beer tokens as well as teaching you all you need to know about beer!

And to my partner Lorenzo… If you’re still in London, you might want to find your way down here!

Courtesy of the Londonist

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7th August 2008

Americans Drinking Less Alcohol

This is the title of an interesting article I found today on U.S. News & World Report’s website.  To me it seems a tad incomplete… Here’s a brief synopsis:

It seems that the younger generations (those born in the latter part of the 20th centuray) are drinking less than their parents.

For the study, a team collected data on 8,000 people who took part in the Framingham Heart Study. People in the initial arm of the study were born before 1900 up until 1959. Those from the initial enrollment group as well as their children were interviewed every four years from 1948 to 2003 about their alcohol consumption. Read the rest of this entry »

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