26th August 2008

Dear Chip Sinton

Chippity Do Da…

I’m sorry if our previous post offended you. The scope of this website is to provide a forum to discuss alcohol related news, events and most importantly, opinions. Perhaps you will one day prove my post wrong, and the NYRA will become a legitimate legal powerhouse… Perhaps with arguments like these from YOUR forums you can convince legislators to change the drinking age:

“Um, I don’t think we want to support Mother Against Peeing Standing Up…”

“Is calling them ‘motherfuckers against drink driving’ allowed as long as it’s in a reasoned post?”

“BOMB IT! I mean… maybe you should challenge them to a debate?” – In response to a MADD meeting post

How do you expect to lower the drinking age, when your demographic openly disrespects a group organized to prevent DRUNK DRIVING, and takes an active role to help victims recover??

The drinking age is 21 for a number of reasons. It potentially decreases the amount of alcohol related problems nationwide (drunk driving, abuse, illness, etc…), there is even monetary motivation : (a study in Canada showed that raising the drinking age would cut down on federal spending by 100’s of millions of dollars – “Alcohol Abuse Costs Canadians Money”).

If what you say about the behavior modification facilities is true, I commend your effort and would consider rephrasing my original statement… as a note: perhaps you should post that accomplishment on your website.

You can quote George Orwell all you want, but I’m quite sure it won’t do much to convince anybody.

On a related note… I remember when I was in High school; my English teacher told us to write an argumentative essay to a business or government unit. I paid some kid 5$ to write it for me, and I drank a 1/5 of vodka in my buddies basement and banged my girlfriend instead. Perhaps you should stop trying to be an adult, Chip, and enjoy your teenage years. You have your whole life ahead of you to have babies, pay bills, develop your career, and change the world…  and oh yes, drink.

Now excuse me while I rent a car and head on down to AC.  I’ll probably rent a room and spend the night at the poker table sippin’ on a Sam Adams, one of the few remaining “All-American” Brews – After curfew, I might even be in the mood for a trip to a strip club…  I don’t know though, we’ll have to see if I have time… I might be too busy enjoying other things you have to be 21 for!!

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