23rd September 2008

Debate 2008 – Drinking Edition


I’ve been inspired by Obama and John McCain over the past few months… By Obama’s promises for “change” and McCain’s ability to select a running mate with less knowledge of international affairs than an elementary school 5th grader, I’ve been inspired!  So inspired I’ve taken the time to create this drinking game just in time for the first 2008 Presidential debate (Sep 26th). 


1 - Every time the audience claps – drink for one second 

2 – Every time Obama, or any other candidate, mentions the words change, hope, or the phrase “yes we can” – drink for two seconds. 

3 – Every time McCain refers to Obama’s inexperience – drink for two seconds.

4 – For every question referring to the war in Iraq (on terror) - drink for two seconds.


  • The issue of race is brought up – Finish your drink
  • The issue of age is brought up – Finish your drink
  • McCain is questioned for his choice of Palin as a running mate – Take a shot
  • Obama is questioned about his relationship with his reverend – Take a shot

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17th September 2008

World’s Best Bars

Do you like to travel? Do you travel worldwide? Do you have trouble finding the local “hot spots” in that exotic place halfway around the globe?

Well check out the website WorldsBestBars.com.  It is a bar directory whose ongoing mission is to locate and review the finest bars the planet has to offer.

From the site: “If you’re passionate about impeccably made drinks, sublime design and genuine, un-manufactured atmosphere, then we can help you find the best places in the world in which to spend your evenings. We cover everything from exclusive cocktail lounges to more stylish and intimate night spots, from the most famous names in the bar world to undiscovered gems, as voted for by other discerning bar-goers.”
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12th September 2008

Leave The Beer Goggles At Home

Check out the talent at these hot NYC spots especially if you are someone who often suffers from impaired vision AKA Beer Goggles.  Granted the bartenders at most NYC bars are pretty hot, but at these they are quite exceptional!

Courtesy of Citysearch.com (Citysearch may have done the research however I can vouch for their reccomendations!)

Bulls Head Tavern
295 3rd Ave, New York, NY
Don’t let the high-tech digital jukebox fool you–it’s the pretty bartenders who lure the throngs of Wall Streeters and other fratastic types that frequent this Murray Hill staple. Kudos to the girls for knowing how to flirt–and finagle the best tips.

6 Bond St, New York, NY
At this lounge-like restaurant it’s a battle for attention between luxe sushi and the scrumptious servers behind the bar downstairs. Come hungry for seafood and satisfy your sweet tooth with a side of eye candy.

26 Little W 12th St, New York, NY
Sexy and exclusive, this little lounge with a big name seduces a dance scene of socialites and Page Sixers–the type of crowd unwilling to be catered to by anyone less than totally hot.

The Town Tavern
134 W 3rd, New York, NY
While you drink your domestic or imported draft beer, feel free to stare at whomever handed it to you–most likely a nymphette from nearby NYU, or a hot D-list celeb hired to guest bartend.

111 E 18th St, New York, NY
Before feeding on fancy fusion food, take a seat at the bar up front. The stately staff will have you wondering how management recruits: With an ad in the paper or an open casting call?

50 W 17th St, New York, NY
Buff, shirtless men shake up the cocktails at this 10,000-square-foot dance club that is a gay man’s paradise in Chelsea. As if the bartenders weren’t hot enough dry, the water-themed club has a working shower in which the ‘tenders can splish and splash about.

The Garden of Ono
18 9th Ave, New York, NY
Relax in an outdoor cabana at this serene, Asian-style garden in the center of the Meatpacking District. Order a pricey cocktail and await your server, whose hotness might let you forgive the steep prices. Of course, surrounded by all that eye-candy, you’ll also be considering your own figure; so forsake the traditional, carb-heavy sushi roll for the “O-no rice” kind.

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11th September 2008

Beer Olympics

Saturday Sept. 13, 2008, the Manayunk Brewery (AKA. the Brew Pub) will be hosting the 2nd Annual Beer Olympics.  Read below for more details.

Twenty four-person teams will compete in a sextathalon of beer-related events that test knowledge, skill and tasting abilities.  Teams choose their countries and dress in respective garb to vie for the coveted Spirit Award.  “Gold, silver and bronze” medals are awarded to the top teams along with other prizes.

To sign up, visit : http://www.rollingbarrel.com//

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10th September 2008

Beerfest ’08


The countdown begins (7 weeks) for the Great American Beer Festival, AKA GABF.  It takes place Thursday through Friday, Oct 9-11th at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO.

(See The Full Schedule Here)

Exciting new additions to this year’s festival: 

– A Beer Enthusiasts bookstore
– Guilds Pavilion where a number of state guilds will be pouring their old local beers to showcase their state’s breweries/beer. Talk to the brewers and learn about what drive’s their passion.

Returning Favorites:

– The “You Be The Judge Booth” where you can see what beer judge’s are trained to look for in a certain style of beer.
– Beer and Food Pairing Demos providing tips on what will please your pallet the most with a given style of beer.
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9th September 2008

Macho Macho Man

Guys, so now that summer is winding down and its no longer appropriate for you to be ordering pina coladas (or insert other frozen fruity concoction).  Our good friends at Mainstreet have put together a list of cocktails you can order while keeping your manhood in check.

Rusty Nail

This is a simple, yet classic and still popular, cocktail, typically made with two ounces Scotch and one ounce of the honey-sweet scotch whiskey Drambuie. Usually this one is served on the rocks, and has a slightly warm, biting taste that can be made sweeter or less so by changing the amount of Drambuie added. It’s easy, classy, and great in the wintertime — and you don’t even have to get it with the traditional twist of lemon on the glass if you prefer not to.

Black & Tan

Here’s the beverage for the beer drinker that wants more variety than a typical American brew. The black & tan has been around as long as beer itself, and exists in countless variations and names. For the traditional recipe, you can’t go wrong with a pint consisting of half Bass ale and half Guinness Stout layered on top. Its delicious, its not overly fancy, and it’ll satisfy the guy who’s not in the mood for liquor.


When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with this old standby that will simply never go out of style. It was a favorite of Frank Sinatra’s, and if that’s not good enough for you, then maybe you should just stick to apple juice. There are more variations than you can count and the debate still rages about whether rye or Canadian whiskey is the best, but as long as there’s whiskey, everybody wins. For the sake of simplicity, stick to the recipe found in the classic drinking tome “The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks:” five parts whiskey, one part vermouth and a dash of bitters shaken over ice and strained into a cocktail glass. Whiskey-to-vermouth ratios change from bartender to bartender, but either way, this strong-yet-simple drink is a true classy man’s beverage.

Old Fashioned

This fine concoction is one of the undisputed kings of cocktails, and perhaps one of the first cocktails period. Walk around clutching one of these, and people might actually think you’ve got taste and class. If you’re really lucky, they’ll forget about your hidden love for Jell-O shots. Muddle a sugar cube and dash of bitters together in a glass, add ice, soda and a couple ounces of bourbon, stir, and find out why true gentlemen have been ordering these since the 1800s.

Flaming Dr. Pepper
Sometimes you just have to get back in touch with your beer-chugging college side. When the urge hits, you can either be like everyone else on Earth and go for the cliché Jäger bomb, or you can be a little more adventurous and go with this ode to pyromaniacs everywhere. Fill a shot glass ¾ with Amaretto, then layer a high-proof liquor such as 151 rum on top. Light the shot on fire and let it burn for a few seconds. Drop it into a glass of beer and chug — and if you did things right, you’ll swear you’re drinking a Dr. Pepper soda. If you did things wrong, you’ll probably need a Sharpie to draw your singed eyebrows back on.

Don’t let the look fool you — this national drink of Brazil appears to be a mojito, but has a potency and taste to keep a guy happy. And few people on Earth party better than Brazilians, so take their advice and mix one up for yourself. It’s made with the increasingly popular Brazilian liquor Cachaca, which like rum is made from sugarcane, giving the drink a sweetness that makes it perfect for summertime sipping. Simply pour cachaca over rocks, add a pinch of sugar to release the flavoring, mix in some limes, and stir. It’s manlier than a mojito, and it takes a lot less time to make!

Jack & Coke, Gin & Tonic, Etc.:

These choices are about as conventional as Bud Light, but they’ll always be around — and that’s what makes them an acceptable last resort. You can never feel bad ordering one of the classic liquor and soda concoctions. Just don’t dare ask for something where the mixer involves juice or fruit of any sort, or your friends might mistake you for someone who still tries to find Zima in the grocery store. Experimentation is also key here, as the combinations of liquor and carbonated mixers are limitless and, oftentimes, surprisingly delicious.

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9th September 2008

Keeping it Natural


As the official drink at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Modmix organic mixers are becoming the classy mixer of choice for all those who don’t have a personal bartender on hand.  Created by three women in West Hollywood, these drinks are anything but girlie.  Get your hands on your very own bottle of Wasabi Bloody Mary, French Martini, or Citrus Margarita.  And when you are in the mood for something a little bit frilly pick up a bottle of the Pomegranite Cosmopolitan.  I’m positive you wont be disappointed!

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5th September 2008

Winehouse Back To Drinking Ways

Winehouse back to heavy drinking

“Troubled singer Amy Winehosue is back to drinking. She sparked concerns when she ordered 48 bottles of Jack Daniels recently.”

Concerns? 48 bottles of Jack should raise more than a few “concerns.”  Hope she got the Costco bulk discount!

Winehouse was performing at a concert and she asked organisers for two crates of alcohol.

While it is common for artists to make requests for food and beverages before they arrive it is quite insane to order such a large amount that clearly her and her team of performers could not possibly consume in one night…  Or maybe they were just underestimated?

In regards to the occurance a source was quoted saying, “Everyone was really excited about getting Amy to perform here, and naturally there were now fears that she was planning something wild. Whiskey is better than heroine – but not 48 bottles of the stuff.”

(Source: NDTV)

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4th September 2008

Ode to Embarrassment

Drink a lot? (If you read this site you probably do)

Wake up in unknown places with strange people next to you?

Do people come up to you the next day and say “duuuuuuuuuuude I can’t believe you did that last night!” While you just sit there and scratch your head?

If you answered yes to any of the above than share a little anecdote with us here!  Just post a comment or e-mail us at Sizzup@sizzup.com.  Winner will get their choice or Hat/Shirt/Stein from our Sizzup Store.

Contest Runs from not until Friday October 10th so if you don’t have good story yet that gives you plenty of time to drink up/black out/and “stumble” upon some good material. 

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3rd September 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?!

Its that time of year again.  This past Labor Day weekend marked the opening weekend for College Football 2008 & this coming Thursday marks the first NFL game featuring the Super Bowl Champion NY Giants vs Division rival the Washington Redskins!

As we all know, when attending games, tailgating is an essential ingredient for the ultimate football experience (College or Pro).  So check out the new equipment below to enhance your experience!



The TableGater hitch-mounted table is an exciting new way to add comfort and convenience to any outside activity whether it is tailgating, camping, or picnicking.

The TableGater table sets up in seconds and provides a spacious 36″ diameter adjustable height surface for meals, games or holding your refreshment.

The best part – They are customizable!

Find it here: http://www.tablegater.com/

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