23rd September 2008

Debate 2008 – Drinking Edition


I’ve been inspired by Obama and John McCain over the past few months… By Obama’s promises for “change” and McCain’s ability to select a running mate with less knowledge of international affairs than an elementary school 5th grader, I’ve been inspired!  So inspired I’ve taken the time to create this drinking game just in time for the first 2008 Presidential debate (Sep 26th). 


1 - Every time the audience claps – drink for one second 

2 – Every time Obama, or any other candidate, mentions the words change, hope, or the phrase “yes we can” – drink for two seconds. 

3 – Every time McCain refers to Obama’s inexperience – drink for two seconds.

4 – For every question referring to the war in Iraq (on terror) - drink for two seconds.


  • The issue of race is brought up – Finish your drink
  • The issue of age is brought up – Finish your drink
  • McCain is questioned for his choice of Palin as a running mate – Take a shot
  • Obama is questioned about his relationship with his reverend – Take a shot

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