1st October 2008

VP Edition


Palen vs Biden… The woman who refers to herself as the “Hot Hockey Mom”, with just a few years of governement “experience” under her belt… In ALASKA…  Whose only international experience appears to be her proximity to Russia (Apparently you can “actually see Russian from land in Alaska”) vs Biden, a long time member of the Foreign Relations Committee and government experience dating back to 1973!

Does anyone question who is going to win this debate? Probably not.  But you can still enjoy it with these simple rules:

Revised Rules For the VP Debate

1 - Every time Gwen Ifill is confused by one of Palin’s responses drink for one second 

2 – Every time Palin/Biden/Ifill use the term “Hockey Mom” – drink for two seconds. 

3 – Every time Palin misinterprets a question, or fails to refute Biden’s response – drink for two seconds (This rule might get you a tad tipsy).


  • Palin cites her proximity to Russia – Finish your drink
  • Biden takes “cheap” shot/chuckles at Palin – Take a shot
  • If Biden points out that despite being less than 1/100th the size, Delaware has more people than Alaska – finish your drink.
  • Palin “wins” debate – Go on a 7 day drinking binge and move to Canada

If you have anything to add, please comment.

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