15th October 2008

Newtown Brewfest


For those of you living in or around the Philly area, there’s a brewfest this weekend, October 18th.  Unfortunately tickets are sold out.  You may be asking, “Then why tell me about it jerk?”  Well the reason is because this brewfest is that cool. With 80 brewers showing up, you’re sure to leave stumbling.  They even have a Connoisseur Tasting in the beginning of the event limited to 300 people where you can converse with the brewers.  So although I feel bad about notifying you guys so late, there’s always next year and you can still try to pick up tickets on craiglist!  Mark this one on your calendar for next year, I promise you I’ll be there.


Check out the event information at http://www.newtownbrewfest.com.

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