28th October 2008

Top Drinking Gifts

A few weeks ago, the popular men’s magazine Esquire released the top 24 drinking gifts.  Although it’s early, I’m sure that some of you have birthdays coming up, or if you’re crazy, maybe you do some of your Christmas shopping early.  Either way, any guy would love to get any of these gifts on the list.  My mom’s birthday is coming up, I’m going to get her the USB beverage chiller.  Although she doesn’t drink or use a computer, I think she’ll appreciate this genius idea cause hey, its cool.  Here’s our favorites from the list…


USB beverage chiller:  For those of you lucky enough to work from home, I can’t imagine a better invention.

4 Copas Tequila: The world’s finest organic tequila…need I say more?

Parker Beam 27 year old whiskey:  At $200 a bottle, you better really love the person you buy this for…or at least join them drinking it.

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