3rd November 2008

Alcohol Good for Babies

According to a British newspaper called The Telegraph, drinking a small glass of wine a week during pregnancy does not harm children and may actually improve their behaviour and vocabulary.

 “Lead author Dr Yvonne Kelly, UCL Epidemiology & Public Health, said: “Our research has found that light drinking by pregnant mothers does not increase the risk of behavioural difficulties or cognitive deficits. “Indeed, for some behavioural and cognitive outcomes, children born to light drinkers were less likely to have problems compared to children of abstinent mothers, although children born to heavy drinkers were more likely to have problems compared to children of mothers who drank nothing whilst pregnant.”

And all these years I was cursing my mother for getting drunk every day while she was pregant with me.  Turns out I should be thanking her!  So to all of you non-drinkers out there, my buddy dubya has only one thing to say to you…

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3rd November 2008

Grape Season Means Making Wine at Home

The World's Strongest Crystal Red Wine Stemware.Grape Season Means Making Wine At Home
By Kimberly Edwards

It is Grape Season! One of my very favorite times of year. Why? Because we make wine at home!

My parents have made wine at home for many many years…As long as I can remember, actually.

Every grape season, we choose what kind of grapes we want to use, and order them early from a local grower. We usually make our wine with concord, Agawam, and Niagara grape varieties, but you may choose to use any type of grape you so desire. We pick up about 4 bushels of grapes, and use the grapes we grow in our garden…And it is a family affair.

We all get together to wash and “process” the grapes. Meaning we pick each and every grape off of the stems.

Then, the boys take it away – well, into the garage – to juice the grapes through a grape/wine press into a huge Rubbermaid-type pail/trash bin with a spout at the bottom.

The boys then drain the juice from the bin into boiling water sterilized demijohns.

A simple syrup made from 1/2 water, 1/2 sugar (~1 bag) boiled until the sugar is dissolved, is added to the juice, since we love sweet wine that tastes something like Port or Sherry.

We use a simple syrup because if you add pure sugar, it Read the rest of this entry »

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