26th November 2008

Sternthaler’s Nurnberger Christkindles Gluhwein

My hubby and I tried something different for a change…

We saw a bottle of Glühwein at Central Market in Dallas, Texas and decided to give it a try with a meal we just picked up that had a Thanksgiving twist.

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It’s a product of Germany made by Sternthaler; hence, the name, “Nürnberger Christkindles Glühwein”.

Now, typically, glühwein is a mulled wine made of red grapes wine infused with spices reminiscent of the Holiday season, such as cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom pods, cloves, citrus and honey, and is drunk warm. Glühwein translated actually means glowing with heat (not with light).

It’s especially suitable for after a full day of skiing, or cutting firewood in the snow!

However, nowadays, it’s not drank often, except around the Holidays.

In Germany, sometimes the grape wine is substituted with blueberry or cherry wine instead, then infused with the spices. Many different European countries have a version of this type of wine, maybe with slightly different flavorings or preparations.

Sternthaler has a nice product here, and reasonably priced at $7.99, with a super- Read the rest of this entry »

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