31st December 2008

Top 10 Resolutions – Drinking Edition

With the New Year upon us I thought I would offer SizzUp’s top 10 resolutions for 2009 with a bit of a twist, of lime that is:

#10 – We will stop pissing on the (toilet) seat after a night out.  Who wants to sit in piss come the morning or worse… Face the gf/wife who sat in it?  (Ladies, you’re not completely innocent here either so stop blaming it on your man). 

#9 – The drunken spill.  We’re all guilty of it and the drunker we get the higher the probability that it will happen.  Seeing as the last thing we want to do is pour our $14 cocktail all over some muscle bound freak, I propose double sided tape, or better yet glue… Just place some on your palm for extra grip!

#8 – (Applies only to post-grads) Never again will we settle for cheap beer.  Swear off Busch, Natural Light, Milwaukee’s Best, Hurricane (Slurricane), or anything else that you may have drank in college.

#7 –  No more blackouts! This should be near the top of the list, but we say it every year and it still happens, so… This time we mean it! (maybe)

#6 – Goes hand in hand with #9, Beer Goggles be gone!  No more drunken hookups with perfect 10’s that turn out to be nothing more than a 5 in the morning…

#5 – Hangover free mornings… No this doesn’t mean we are going to quit drinking, it just means we are going to find the REAL TRUE Hangover cure!
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31st December 2008

New Year’s Eve ’08

Some things to remember from 2008…

The Good:

Giants upset the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII proving once and for all that “Cheaters Never Prosper”.

Michael Phelps inspired a nation, winning 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics.

And, the most important event of them all, Barack Obama becomes the first African American President of the US.

The Bad/Ugly: 

Sarah Palin & her team of “Mavericks”, Government Scandal – Elliot Spitzer & Rod Blagojevich, Financial Crisis, & Bernard Madoff… I think that pretty much sums it up!

Wishing you a Happy New Year from all of us here at SizzUp!  Here’s to a great 2009,



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31st December 2008

Jackson-Triggs Proprietors’ Reserve Sparkling Wine – Great for New Year’s

Before I had even woken up, he had made his trip to the grocery store and purchased all of his necessities for making my mother and me a spectacular brunch meal.

He made us smoked salmon and chive omelets, but snazzed it up a few more notches with sparkling wine…

He brought home a really delicious sparkling wine, not champagne – as only sparkling wine from Champagne, France may be actually labelled “champagne” – everything else is sparkling wine.

It was a 2006 Jackson-Triggs Proprietors’ Reserve Sparkling Wine – Méthode Cuve Close from right here in our Niagara Region – one of the most amazing wine regions on the planet!

If you’re going to partake in some buttery seafood or even a fatty duck for New Year’s, consider this blended sparkling wine made from 3 types of grape – Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Read the rest of this entry »

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29th December 2008

Cherry Brandy N’ Coke

This is a tasty twist on your typical alcoholic drinks with Coke in them! This is a tasty recipe that may bring some people back to the days of Cherry Cokes from the soda jerk at a diner somewhere!

My mother loves these!
~ Kimberly Edwards 🙂

Type: Beverage
Tags: cherry brandy, brandy, coke, Coca-cola, cola, alcohol, drinks, beverages
Prep Time: 1 min
Yield: As much as you’d like…1/2 cherry brandy, 1/2 Coke

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23rd December 2008

The Bloody Caesar Cocktail Turns 40

The Bloody Caesar CocktailDeveloped in 1969 by a Calgary bartender, Canada’s extremely popular Caesar cocktail, also known as the Bloody Caesar, turns 40 years old and is now the closest thing to Canada’s national drink.

It has been 40 years since Walter Chell, bartender at the Owl’s Nest Bar in the Calgary Inn (now the Calgary Westin Hotel), in Calgary Alberta, invented the Caesar cocktail to celebrate the opening of a new restaurant called Marco’s. The original Caesar cocktail recipe was similar to the already popular Bloody Mary cocktail, with one major exception Read the rest of this entry »

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22nd December 2008



iBreath for IPOD… This latest device for the IPOD is powered by the device (IPOD) and calculates your BAC to within 0.01 accuracy.  Not that you should be driving if you question your sobriety, but I can definitely see this device saving a life if not at least saving you from the dreaded DUI infraction.  Oh and it also doubles as an FM transmitter for your IPOD (If you’re sober enough to drive that is). 

drawnon.jpgSizzUp’s Suggested Use: Challenge your friends to prove whose the “real man” once and for all!  Highest BAC wins… Suggestions for the “losers” – Once the “winner” passes out (bound to happen before you), express your artistic side on his face. 

SizzUp’s Suggested Device Add-on:

Have breathalizer hook into the car.  If BAC is above legal limit send a signal to the car that shuts it down till the morning. 

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22nd December 2008

Sour Cherry N’ Ale Cocktail

sourcherrynalecocktail.jpgTangy, fizzy and delicious! A great idea for a festive fizzy drink or a new summertime favorite! A little something different! ~ Kimberly Edwards )

Type: Beverage
Prep Time: 2 min


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20th December 2008

Dogfishhead and Extreme Beer Fest

Dogfishhead Craft Brewery out of Milton, Delaware has some interesting things going on right now. Not only are they sponsoring an “Extreme Beer Fest,” up in Boston in February, but they also have a brand new “off centered,” beer on the the way which you could have the chance to name! Read the rest of this entry »

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19th December 2008

Alcoholic Substitute for Banana Extract when Baking

Cooking Tip:

If ever you try to search for banana extract in the stores, it’s not an easy product to find.

So, if you are in need of banana flavoring, without using mushed up bananas, and want it in liquid form, use banana liqueur…

It’s delicious! If you’re using it for baking, the alcohol will Read the rest of this entry »

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17th December 2008

ZERO carb beer?

Aussie Brewer Bighead Brewery recently announced the world’s first zero carb beer.  For all of you atkins or southbeach or whatever all those crazy diets are called, this could be just the thing you’ve been looking for!

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