22nd December 2008



iBreath for IPOD… This latest device for the IPOD is powered by the device (IPOD) and calculates your BAC to within 0.01 accuracy.  Not that you should be driving if you question your sobriety, but I can definitely see this device saving a life if not at least saving you from the dreaded DUI infraction.  Oh and it also doubles as an FM transmitter for your IPOD (If you’re sober enough to drive that is). 

drawnon.jpgSizzUp’s Suggested Use: Challenge your friends to prove whose the “real man” once and for all!  Highest BAC wins… Suggestions for the “losers” – Once the “winner” passes out (bound to happen before you), express your artistic side on his face. 

SizzUp’s Suggested Device Add-on:

Have breathalizer hook into the car.  If BAC is above legal limit send a signal to the car that shuts it down till the morning. 

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22nd December 2008

Sour Cherry N’ Ale Cocktail

sourcherrynalecocktail.jpgTangy, fizzy and delicious! A great idea for a festive fizzy drink or a new summertime favorite! A little something different! ~ Kimberly Edwards )

Type: Beverage
Prep Time: 2 min


1. Over ice, combine Read the rest of this entry »

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