6th February 2009

Whiskey saves lives

Now I  know what you’re thinking…”I already knew that whiskey is a life saver.” But this time I’m not talking about drinking yourself silly so you pass out and don’t kill yourself because your girlfriend broke up with you.


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2nd February 2009

‘Super’ Ad ’09

Conan Obrien makes this ad the best of the ’09 bunch:

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2nd February 2009

2007 Gewurztraminer/Riesling from Birchwood Estate Wines

As you well know, I love wine!

…And, as you probably well know, I enjoy our local Niagara wines the best…

Maybe it’s the air, maybe it’s the soil, maybe it’s the climate…I’ll bet it’s all of the above!

So, here’s another beauty from a winery in Beamsville, Ontario, actually owned by Dan Aykroyd.

<B>Birchwood Estate Wines</b><br>2005 Gewürztraminer/Riesling - Click to close windowIt’s Birchwood Estate Wines‘ 2007 Gewurztraminer/Riesling, and it’s well worth finding!

* Trivia: Did you know that Gewruztraminer is a German word for herbs of the earth? Yup, it is…My mom’s German…LOL

Photo: c/o TheCuvee.com

It is gorgeously grapey and fruity with hints of lychee nut, apples and honey.

These fruity flavors trick your palette into thinking it’s actually Read the rest of this entry »

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