16th February 2009

Grasshopper Beer from Big Rock Brewery – Review

My husband was creating one of his fabulous German dishes last week, and we had run out of beer.

So, he ran up to the beer store and had anticipated on procuring a wheat beer he needed/wanted for it.

They didn’t happen to have it, so the sales clerk advised him to get Grasshöpper from Big Rock Brewery, which is also a wheat beer.

Photo left: c/o brewpalace.com

What a real treat it was! It should have been, this beer won a Gold Medal in 2007 at the Canadian Brewing Awards.

You could tell it was a wheat beer, had a beautiful “wheaten” color. I think it would be perfect for any German food you’re eating or making at home, as well as for a Tailgating beer. It’s crisp and refreshing, and has a great way of clearing your palette before the next bite of food!

Big Rock Brewery is in Calgary, Alberta and was established in 1985. They take pride in all of their handcrafted and batch-brewed beers, and use traditional brewing methods…

…But the only use premium wheat & 2 row barley malts, choice imported hops, their very own ale & lager yeasts, and water from the Rocky Mountains. Their beers are naturally carbonated with no preservatives or additives.

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