22nd June 2009


Hey everyone! With the official 1st day of summer having just passed (the Summer Solstice was yesterday, June 21st), I figure its a good time to discuss one of America’s favorite summer activities, BBQ’ing.


No matter where you are (at your house by the beach, at a local park, at a lake, in the mountains or just hanging out in your backyard) BBQing is one of the easiest and most robust activities to get started and have fun with. So read this article, then invite over all your friends and start the fun! If you have no friends, not a problem, just head down to your local watering hole the night before. Find a member of the opposite sex that is in your league, and invite them over the next day for a day of fun in the sun.

Step 1, if you don’t have a Grill, go buy one. It doesn’t matter if you buy a cheap portable grill from a Supermarket end cap, or if you go all out on top of the line grill at Home Depot. The important part is only that you have a grill. It gives people a reason to come out.

Step 2, get the food. The standard is Burgers and Dogs, but it really doesn’t matter, so long as it’s something everyone will enjoy.

Step 3, Entertainment. This is also easy. It’s hot in the summer, so people typically like activities where they don’t have to work too hard. Start with plastic cups, a ping pong ball and a deck of cards. Picnic tables can be easily used for Beer Pong, Flip Cup, or Card games. If you enjoy slightly more active activities, bring a Frisbee, football, and Horse Shoes. Have a catch, play some shoes, all fun things to do while drinking…and activities that even un-athletic people can enjoy.

Step 4, get some beverages. People work hard, so they’re always up for letting loose when the time comes. Go pick up a 30 pack/Party Ball of your favorite light beer. By light, I don’t mean get Miller Lite or Bud Light…I mean, pick up a beer that is not heavy. Don’t be the Jackass that shows up to a summer BBQ with Guinness or Sam Adams Winter Ale. There’s a reason the Mexicans drink beer like Corona. When it’s hot out, you want to feel refreshed. Also, depending on the type of girls you hang out with, you may want to pack some Twisted Tea or Hard Lemonade. Alcohol allows people of all races to make even the most mundane conversations or activities more interesting or fun, so it’s important to do your best to get everyone involved by having a beverage they might enjoy. IMPORTANT: Remember to check your local open container laws as well. Cops do a great job at ruining a good time, most places only require that you enjoy your beverage in a plastic cup (as opposed to right out of the bottle or can.) Final word on this, don’t forget the water! People get dehydrated as hell in the summer. It’s always good to have some water around to keep you going and refreshed and hangover free.

That’s all you need: the Grill & Food are the excuse to get people outside. Beer & Fun are what keeps them there. Anything on top of that is just gravy. What is your favorite BBQ Beverage? Feel free to share it with the site; perhaps your suggestion will inspire someone else’s summertime fun! (For my Northeast readers maybe its a good idea if you can suggest some good BBQ/Drinking activities to do in the rain, as that is what we’ve seen the past 18/23 days!)

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10th June 2009

4 Wise Guys Shot

*** Kimberly’s Alcohol Creations: Exclusive cooking recipes with alcoholic beverages of all kinds, as well as cooking tips and food & beverage reviews on SizzUp.com. Subscribe Now and don’t miss a single article and get the news only when there is news. *** 

Welcome to another edition of “Kimberly’s Alcohol Creations”. Today, I’m bringing you an in-your-face type of bevy!

When you’re feeling like a rebel, no doubt, your alcoholic beverage of choice will reflect that! I usually go for shots of tequila, but this is something even more rebellious!

My father would tell me that drinks like these will “grow hair on the bottom of your feet!” LOL
~ Kimberly Edwards

Type: Beverage Recipe
Serve With: On the rocks, if desired
Prep Time: 1 min

1 part Jack Daniels
1 part Jim Beam
1 part Jose Cuervo
1 part Read the rest of this entry »

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