19th March 2007

How To Acquire a Keg in NYC

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For those of you who live in or are familiar with NYC you might be accustomed to the fact that there is NOWHERE to buy a keg in NYC.  Whether or not you question it, have come to accept it, or it just hasn’t occurred to you yet, I am here to tell you, keep the dream alive, it is possible!

Over the weekend I was at a friend’s apartment for St. Patrick’s day “Kegs and Eggs”.  Now as you’re all aware this does not literally mean “Kegs” and “Eggs”, but simply Alcohol and Food.  In this case however the title held true.

I felt the need to inquire… Turns out one of the girls was dating a bartender.  This bartender was offered a (1/2) keg at wholesale ($45) from this lovely establishment… Carried it up a flight of stairs from the basement of the bar by himself the morning of St. Patrick’s day (gf was late in helping him), gf and he then loaded the keg into the trunk of a cab… Upon arriving, lugged it triumphantly up the stairs to the apartment where it was soon kicked (3 hours later)… 

So yes, this economical alternative, to the usual 12 packs that are common place in NYC (Cases are apparently a rare find as well), can be made a reality for you too!  Just make friends (or date) with a bartender.

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