24th March 2008

Australia to bottle up binge-drinking: minister

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Nicola RoxonFollowing up on our previous article about drinking laws and government actions, it seems that we are not the only ones out there fighting for survival against what seems to be one of the most delightful ‘disorders’. Some people seem to confuse fun from addiction. Oh wait! Am I sitting in a bar? Why am I drinking now? Damn, I forgot I was a freaking alcoholic. This morning I woke up and instead of using water, I brushed my teeth with vodka! Yeah, they just forgot to put the stupid label on the bottle to warn me about that one!

Australia seems to be fighting alcoholism with labels. How on earth is this going to make people drink less? Now instead of looking for the alcohol percentages we will be looking for the most repelling label out there, which will probably contribute to us picking that drink. When young and active, you usually go for the strongest, or the coolest drink out there. Well now things become even easier; the more mind-teasing the label, the cooler the drink. Apparently, Alcohol is seen as the second biggest contributor to the Australia’s chronic disease burden after smoking and is estimated to cost the community in excess of 15 billion dollars (13.4 billion US) each year.

Well, enough said! For those interested in reading more about this retarded action go ahead and do that here.

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