27th April 2008

‘I Love Blow’ energy drink!

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I Love Blow 1Unbelievable what some people can come up with! A new energy drink is causing a lot of controversy, and the name alone is sure to grab anyone’s attention.

It’s called ‘I Love Blow’, named after the well-known street name for cocaine. The obvious question here – is this something that should be banned, or is it simply something to laugh about?
I Love Blow 2 ‘I Love Blow’ is mailed to you in a white Styrofoam box that’s meant to look like a brick of cocaine.  The package is covered with a scorpion sticker and photos of what looks like cocaine being produced and packaged.

Open the box, and it gets even more outrageous.  There are several vials of white powder, a mirror and a credit card for chopping before you pour the powder into a drink.

‘I Love Blow’ is sold online, at convenience stores and in bars and clubs in every state in the U.S.  The maker, Logan Gola, said he’s going after the ultra-hip party crowd.

“It’s sexy. It’s edgy. It’s also tongue in cheek.  No one should take it too seriously,” he said.

There is a warning on the product saying it’s not for people younger than 18 and Gola said he’s not worried about his kids getting their hands on it, so you shouldn’t either.

Aside from the marketing, ‘I Love Blow’ is some pretty powerful stuff.  One vial of the powder is equivalent to seven cans of Coke.

Katu.com, 2008

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