29th April 2008

Roof Boarding

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Roof Boarding

Roof Boarding was invented on the Island of Maui at about 6:30 AM Hawaii time, Monday, March 28th, 2008.  How you ask???

It all started at 10 PM the night before with a “light” night of drinking at a local Irish Pub (Mulligans) that quickly escalated into drunken degeneracy.  By 1 AM we were hammered… Had befriended some locals at the bar…  Were on the verge of blackout…  And we weren’t even midway through the “night”. 

On Maui bars close at about 1:30 AM so back to the house we went…  Here is where it gets hazy… There was some beer pong, I somehow managed to set off not one but TWO car alarms (No, I do not know what I was doing at the time), and around 6 in the morning we found ourselves on the roof from which my friend (that guy in the picture) managed to inadvertently moon the neighbors as they woke up for work (We just found this part out over a day later).  I’m sure my buddy’s ass is just what they wanted to wake up to!

As for my vacation, clearly it is going beautifully.  About to head out to the bars again right now actually so stay tuned!

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