16th May 2008

The Stoli Hotel

I recently had the pleasure of attending “The Stoli Hotel” party in partnership with Wired Magazine.  I am a day late on this post as this event took place Wednesday night, 5/14.  The hangover and useless state I was left in the following day (Both signs of a solid night!) are to blame.  

It took place in a warehouse down in the West Village (Houston and The West Side Highway) that was once used as a Medical Center for 9/11. 

They went all out – From a mini health spa (Yes, Manicures & Massages were both offered) to rooms for each flavor of Stoli.  The bars themselves consisted of encased bottles of Stoli!  I’m sure you vodka lovers would agree, we could all use one of those in our own home.

276144393_934626176_0.jpgThe highlight of the party… A “hidden” room featuring Stoli’s premium Elit brand of Vodka.  Elit is filtered @ -18 C so that the liquids density increases causing all impurities to freeze against the walls of the filtration tanks. These unwanted crystalline substances are then discarded from the distillate, allowing the selection of nothing but the purist of spirits for their select formaula of Elit (Source: Thedrinkshop.com).

The result is an incredibly smooth taste that rivals the likes of Grey Goose and Belvedere alike.  That usual “bite” you get after drinking straight vodka… Gone!  I could drink Stoli Elit straight up or on the rocks all night. 

Unfortunately its anywhere from $50-$75 a bottle!!!  If you’re interested this is the cheapest I’ve been able to find it online – Its a must try: Shopperswines.com.

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  1. 1 On May 17th, 2008, bartender said:

    “I could drink Stoli Elit straight up on the rocks all night.”

    You do realize that straight up and on the rocks are two completely different things, right? Straight up means in a cocktail glass, and on the rocks is in an old fashioned glass with ice.

    Also, Grey Goose is supposed to taste clean, while Belvedere is _supposed_ to have some flavor to it, that’s one of their major differences.

    Bottom Line: Please learn about alcohol before you try to write about it, you just appear stupid.

    An Avid Drinker

  2. 2 On May 21st, 2008, Jon said:

    I’m not sure what the guy above is talking about… You clearly stated:

    “I could drink Stoli Elit straight up or on the rocks all night.”

    Seems ok to me??

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