27th May 2008

A Belmar Awakening

For those of you who are not from the Tri-State Area (PA, NY, NJ) Belmar is a spot down along the Jersey Shore that is a popular Summer destination.  Memorial Day Weekend generally marks the first “big” weekend down there.

So why is this of interest you ask? Well… You know those popped collar, fist pumping meatheads you hear so much about:

Belmar is their spot (there main spot). They flock to this place in droves for a drunken, techno filled weekend. I wish I could say this was just a cruel joke, that this video is just an exaggeration, that people like this don’t truly exist, but then I would just be lying to you.

This past weekend I witnessed it first hand. I went to a bar called D’Jais. Before I even went inside I noticed the line (I wish I took a picture)… It was full of people that looked like this (I’m sure many of you have seen the related e-mail):


Do you notice the skin color, the orange hue – no doubt the result of a fake tan. And while I did not take the above picture I can say with the utmost certainty that it is NOT a doctored photo. This is what the people in line looked like to the “T”.

It was at this point I realized that D’Jais was not my type of bar, but at the same time I had to step inside out of sheer curiosity. It did not disappoint. Techno music raging, fist pump in full affect & Jager Bombs a flowing… All the way down to that wierd shady guy in the corner (you know the one standing muscles flexed, staring, nodding & smiling at any girl that walks by).

So – To all those of you down in the South, Midwest, or anywhere these people don’t exist be advised… Videos and pictures you see depicting such actions are no joke. They do exist so take notice and enjoy the show. (See Guidofistpump.com for more entertaining pics and vids)

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