29th May 2008

Drinking Scrabble

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Drinking Scrabble SizzUpDrinking is one thing, making it a game is another. In this case, we were looking into finding something different from all these casual drinking games. To be honest with you, we just enjoy drinking, more so playing along! Scrabble is a nice game, definitely played by everyone. If you don’t know how to play, well, the rules are kinda simple, and once you get the flow, nothing’s gonna stop ya!

We decided to take the rules to the next level, make it a ‘real’ game, or maybe a pre-game!

Here’s a list of rules for you to play scrabble while having a few. We played it, and truly, even the best player gets to pay for being too smart! So here it goes:

  1. A word for Less or Equal to 10pts – You drink
  2. A word for Greater or Equal to 60pts – You make a rule
  3. A word for Greater or Equal to 30pts – You drink
  4. A word with 4 letters – You drink
  5. A word with 5 letters – Everyone else drinks
  6. Use all your letters – Everyone else finish their drinks
  7. Use X – Everyone else drinks for 5 secs
  8. Use Z – Everyone else drinks for 10 secs
  9. Miss your turn/can’t go – Finish your drink
  10. Time’s up – Finish your drink

Last and obvious rule – Losers finish their drinks!

That should be simple for you to handle and honestly, it’s not too much, once you get started you’ll see. And yes, just like any other drinking game, after the first couple of rounds, it gets to be more exciting than it ever was!

Give us some feedback and let us know how it went!

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