30th May 2008

For The (Unfortunate) Guys Out There

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As a follow up from my post “For The Ladies Out There” from yesterday, I would like to share my solution for those unlucky husbands/boyfriends who are being dragged to this chick flick extravaganza (Sex and The City Movie) tonight or over the weekend:


Just a Flask… Nothing fancy.  Fill it with your favorite liquor or mix (might I suggest straight Tequila for this monstrosity), stick it in your pocket, and you’re set. 

One thing to remember however…  You are in a packed movie theatre with probably over a hundred women who love this show.  Do NOT, under any circumstances, do anything to take away from this experience for your wife/gf or any of the other women in the room or you may experience a pain like you’ve never experienced before…

3 simple Rules to TRY and remember once you’re drunk in the theatre:

1 – Make sure you sit close to the aisle.  This way you don’t knock into any women as you run out to take a piss.
2 – If you snore do NOT drink till you pass out in your seat. You may have an unpleasant awakening.
3 – Once drunk – NO it is NOT funny to add commentary to the movie of any sort. Let your lady watch in peace, unless of course you enjoy sleeping on the couch.

Stick with these simple rules and maybe you can salvage what would have otherwise been a very boring night.

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