12th June 2008

World’s Strongest Cocktail

Well, this one definitely requires more research, so please if you find something about the drink’s history, please let us know! It’s name is Aunt Roberta.

With eight and a half shots of liquor this cocktail seems to be #1. It still tastes good, apparently because of the flavored liquor in it.

  • Three shots of vodka
  • Two shots of absinthe
  • One shot of brandy
  • One and a half shots of gin
  • One shot of blackberry liqueur

Beware though that this drink is so strong that it will get you going for good and for long! Apparently there’s also an interesting history behind it, which we got from www.whatthefreek.com. So it turns out this cocktail was invented in the 1800s by a mulatto prostitute who was running a bootleg drinks shack. She seemed to have stumbled upon it when drunk and was never able to get exactly the right measures again. One of her patrons took the recipe to New York and got rich selling it in his bar.

Now whether this is true or not, we won’t know until we meet Aunt Roberta herself. So drink this with care as roughly 34 people died while drinking at Aunt Roberta’s place during the two years it was open. It is said that she also served homemade moonshine and it was a pretty rough crowd…

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  1. 1 On June 13th, 2008, mark said:

    Whoever made the decision that this is the strongest drink that still tastes good, obviously has never had Grain with a splash of jungle juice, or Vodka with a splash of redbull.

  2. 2 On November 12th, 2010, Barbie Rines said:

    Interesting~ I got given a ton of fruit last week from a friend and decided to make juice out of it all – found some unique juice recipe here if you’re interested

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