26th June 2008

Anything Can Be Turned Into a Drinking Game

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As always I was scouring the net today for fun facts, stories, events, etc… having to do with the drinking world we love so dearly and I stumbled upon GOLD!

The NBA Draft Drinking Game (Source: CinemaBlend.com, by Mack Rawden)

Now when the Knicks (Insert your team here) trade away their 1st round pick for a failed, overpaid NBA Vet that will put them over the cap (who has yet to reach his potential), you can at least have some solace in the fact that THIS draft will soon be a blacked out memory never to resurface!  (THANK GOD ISIAH THOMAS IS GONE!)

1): For the first fourteen picks, each player must predict which athlete will be chosen before David Stern walks on stage. Any incorrect guess earns the offending fortune teller a five second drink.
2): After the first fourteen picks, each player may predict which athlete will be chosen before David Stern walks on stage. Any correct guess allows said player to force an opponent to drink for five seconds.
3): Each player must choose a different major collegiate conference and drink for five seconds whenever someone is drafted from said chosen conference.

Offenses Which Require Everyone To Do A Shot
1): A commentator, player, general manager, or family member of a player accidentally drops an uncensored f-bomb on air.
2): A perennial all-star is traded during the draft (Yes, Baron Davis counts).
3): Nipple slip (obviously).
4): Two players from the same college are drafted back-to-back (See Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook).
5): Knicks fans actually cheer their draft pick.
6): A player’s agent announces he will not play for the team which drafted him.

Offenses Which Require Everyone To Immediately Finish Drink:
1): Someone is drafted and ESPN lacks highlight footage of said draftee.
2): A shot of the crowd reveals a Charles Oakley or Walt Frazier jersey.
3): A draftee’s mom is uncontrollably sobbing.
4): Commentators discuss Kevin Love’s uncle being Mike Love from the Beach Boys
5): A female reporter is awkwardly hit on.

Offenses Which Require Everyone To Drink For 5 Seconds:
1): Draftee needs a translator.
2): Draftee thanks God.
3): Draftee shorter than six foot one inches is drafted.
4): Draftee taller than six foot eleven inches is drafted.
5): Draftee has on a non-black or white suit.
6): Stephen A. Smith uses the word ‘ridiculous.’
7): Hot chick in the crowd (obviously).
8 ): Spike Lee is referenced or shown.
9): David Stern smirks and pretends not to hear crowd booing him.
10): Draftee looks visibly irritated after his name is called by undesirable team.
11): Commentator utters the phrase “DeAndre Jordan’s stock has really fallen.”
12): Luc Richard Mbah A Moute’s name is pronounced a different way.
13): Interview deteriorates into ebonics.
14): Draftee’s AAU coach is shown.
15): Girlfriend/ wife calls during draft drinking game.

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  1. 1 On June 27th, 2008, Regretful Morning said:

    I’ve taken notes. Next NBA draft should be fun!

  2. 2 On June 28th, 2008, BS said:

    fantastic idea. wish I had seen it beforehand. Of course, can’t underestimate the idea that the knicks will waste their pick on another Euro-import who will never play a full game for them. that’s gotta be worth a bottle.

  3. 3 On July 1st, 2008, RPO said:

    hhahah think of a game for football!

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