16th July 2008

Best Pub Crawl ‘Spot’

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The Top Cities For a Pub Crawl

According to Kevin Baruch, host of the Food Network’s “Thirsty Traveler” and a number of other “Cocktail Kings” the following are the world’s best cities for a Pub Crawl:

Place: Toronto, Canada

Reason: West Queen West is ideal for a bar crawl, because of its “funky mix of hotel bars and stand-alone establishments like Sweaty Betty’s and Reposado.” According to Baruch you should start the crawl at the bohemian chic Gladstone Hotel’s Melody Bar where the 1930s wooden bar is the perfect spot to down a Labatts — or two then head to the hipster Drake Hotel bar, which always sports the newest cocktail.
Place: Reykjavik  (I can’t even pronounce this one, but it is the capital), Iceland

Reason: For what this city lacks in size it more than makes up for in alcohol consumption. There are over 100 bars and they are all located on or around the city’s main drag where locals gather every weekend for an all-night pub crawl known as “the runter.”  However, alcohol is so expensive here that “the party usually begins in someone’s living room where guests get good and tipsy before they head out and spend their Krona on $15 beers.”

Place: Sydney, Australia

Reason: Sydney’s happening cocktail ‘hood is Kings Cross where “prostitutes mix with fashionistas.”  Any Kings Cross crawl should include stops at The Lincoln, Jimmy Liks, The Bourbon and the Iguana Bar, which are all within 15 blocks of each other.

Place: New York, NY

Reason: Whether its trendy hot spots like Pegu Club, Little Branch and Employees Only or the more historic McSorley’s to the celebrity hangouts like Bungalow 8, New York offers more types of bars than any other city.  In what other city do you have an option for everyone?  People have even gone through the trouble already of setting some up for you.

Check it out here: Galt

Place: New Orleans, LA

Reason:  Mardi Gras… Bourbon Street…  Come on, does this one ACTUALLY need an explanation???

Place: San Francisco, CA

Reason: Filled with a lot of “super-nice” bartenders who are really excited about what they’re doing” there is no shortage of hip new bars. The best however are the “classics” –Spec’s, Bix and Enrico’s.

Place: London, England

Reason: Instead of a reason I offer a tip. End your London Crawl with Salvatore at Fifty. “The destination cocktail bar is run by Salvatore Calabrese, one of Britain’s most famous mixologists (and characters).”  Why end here you ask?  Well the signature drink is the “breakfast martini” — a gin martini made with orange marmalade.  Maybe make this stop at Sun-up.

(Source: MSNBC)

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