17th July 2008

Save The Beer Man

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The “Beer Man” at a baseball game is as revered as the game of baseball itself.  They’re friendly and more importantly they bring the beer right to your seat so you don’t have to miss a pitch.   If you go to enough games (as I do) you even begin to build a relationship with the guy.

Such is the case with Wayne McMahon, a 60-year-old beer vendor for the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre for the past 6 years.   Wayne, who can be identified by his well known beer holler, “ICEEEEE……. Coolllllddddd………..Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr!” was fired for selling without carding.  A mystery shopper happened to be sitting in the crowd, asked for a beer, Wayne forgot to card him, and he was fired on the spot… A little harsh don’t ya think?

It seems McMahon has been “tested” like this in the past, 6 times to be exact, and he passed with flying colors.  The fact that he was fired so quickly (The mystery shopper was 22 by the way, so it is not like he was underage) is a bit suspect.

McMahon will not go down without a fight however.  His supporters will see to it.  McMahon is so well-liked at the Rogers Centre that a Facebook group started back on July 11th (6 days ago) already has over 4,600 members – Isn’t that the average attendance for a Blue Jays Game?!.  Petitions have started up and some have even gone so far as to boycott games until Wayne is reinstated.

So, With that said, I too would like to join the ranks of those who want Wayne to be reinstated because who wouldn’t want to save this man:

(Source: CTV.ca)

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