14th August 2008

Do You Like Sex and Alcohol?

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PUSH , Think of it as the UK version of “The top 10 party schools” only it’s better than the US version! Here’s some key info for those of you in the UK choosing a school in the near future or for those of you in the US going abroad even:

Want cheap beer? Head to Falmouth, Teesside and Bangor Uni where beer costs less than £1.50. Meanwhile, eleven other universities all have a pint for under £1.75. Where should you stay away from? Well London of course and also two of Edinburgh’s universities – Heriot-Watt (£2.73) and Napier (£2.95).

How about those of you “looking for love?” Well more than likely its the quick hookup, but anyway… Those single men out there shouldn’t give a second thought about Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln. There’s eight lovely ladies for every ONE man! And for the ladies, head on over to Imperial College London. Two thirds of the students are male.

PUSH also contains info from the cost of student housing to courses offered and it even has a University “Simulator”. Just pick what courses interest you most, the location you wish to be, where you have the grades to get into, along with your tastes and priorities and BAM, you have yourself a narrowed down list of choices. Wish they had something like this in the US.

Wonder what happens if you pair Anatomy (course), Near a beach (location), and Social Life & women (priority)? Somewhere that specializes in Plastic Surgery perhaps? Guess you’ll have to click HERE to find out.

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