18th January 2009

To Beer or not to Beer?

Pint of beerWe don’t really know where this came from, but we assume that people who drink beer for water could be asking ‘How long can one live solely on beer’? Well, the answer is definitely not that simple. Conducting a research experiment on this, by feeding individuals simply beer, would be extremely unethical. However, we’re sure some of you would do that for free, but please, don’t!

There are a few facts though that could give us all a hint on whether or not this might be possible. Rather, how long it would take before you start throwing up parts of your liver. The story goes back to the Seven Years War of 1756-63, where physician to the English fleet, John Clephane, conducted this sort of clinical trial. Apparently, three ships were sent from England to America. One – the Grampus – was supplied with plenty of beer, while the two control ships – the Daedalus and the Tortoise – had only the common allowance of spirits. After an unusually long voyage due to bad weather, Clephane reported that the Daedalus and Tortoise had 112 and 62 men respectively requiring hospitalization. The Grampus, on the other hand, had only 13, arguably a clear-cut result.

Needless to say, the sailors’ allowance of eight pints of beer per day is no longer within the accepted confines of current moderate alcohol consumption. One can only speculate on the state of their livers. Living on beer alone may be a fantasy for some, but it is not a good health strategy.

Read some interesting comments from the source of this article,  here.

NewsScientist.com, 2008

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