17th February 2009

Drinking saves (sex) lives

As if we needed another excuse to drink…new research suggests that moderate drinking may help prevent your little soldier from failing to salute!

According to Newscientist.com, “There is good evidence that excessive drinking can hinder sexual performance after a night out – a phenomenon sometimes called “brewer’s droop”. The effect has been noted for many years: “[Drink] provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance,” Shakespeare reminds us in Macbeth.

But over longer periods, moderate drinking doesn’t seem to be linked to erectile dysfunction, says Kew-Kim Chew, an epidemiologist at the University of West Australia in Nedlands, whose team conducted an anonymous postal survey of 1770 West Australian men.

After accounting for differences due to age, smoking and heart disease – all risk factors for ED – Chew and colleagues found that drinkers experienced rates of impotence 25% to 30% below those of teetotallers.”

So fellas make sure you get your drink on before you get your groove on tonight.

If you’d like to read the entire article click HERE

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  1. 1 On February 21st, 2009, Sushi Freak said:

    Alcohol and sex… I learned that in college (though not in class).

    Beer was on the list of sushi bar aphrodisiacs we ran on SushiFreak.net recently.

    “Beer lowers inhibitions and reduces anxiety, and in moderate amounts reduces blood clotting and acts as a mild anti-inflammatory. This is all good for getting busy.” http://sushifreak.net/miso-horny-sushi-bar-aphrodisiacs/

    Another alcohol we cover is sake. It’s good for the mojo as well.

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