19th February 2009

St. Patty’s Come Early

St. Patrick’s Day is our favorite holiday here at SizzUp… For obvious reasons.  Back when I went to Penn State we would start lining up at the bars around 8 AM, sometimes earlier on this “highest of holy days” (For a college kid).  


That in mind, it is never too early to start planning your St. Patty’s Day celebration!  So for those of you in the NY/NJ area here are a couple things to keep in mind:

Hoboken claims to host one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parades in New Jersey (possibly the entire Eastern seaboard), and this year will be no exception. Mark your calendars early, though, as Hoboken isn’t a town that follows the norm. This parade is always held on the first Saturday of March in order to beat out New York City for the best performers and the most celebratory spectators—this year, on Saturday, March 7, 2009, beginning at 1 p.m., the parade will kick off at 14th and Washington Streets and head south on Washington, with a reviewing stand in front of City Hall (Washington and First Streets).

1. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, attempt to go to this glorious event if you are not planning to get there by at LEAST 10 AM if you plan on going to any of the bars.  People line the streets starting at about 8 AM to enter pretty much every bar within a 3 block radius of Washington (Hoboken’s Main St where the parade runs). 

2. I have been attending this event for the past 4 years (since 2005) and not once have I ever gone with the intention of stepping foot inside one of those bars.  Why you ask?  Each bar has at minimum a $20 cover and, as mentioned above, a 30 minute wait if you are not one of the early risers.  So, if you attend this event, have plans for one or both of the following:

– To watch the parade with a flask or two in hand

– Talk to any/all of your friends in the area and find a house party or two, or three as there is definitely no shortage of the like.  For the ambitious folk, pack a flask and just crash a party or two, or three as everyone will surely be too drunk to care.jail10.jpg

3. This goes without saying, but beware of the hordes and hordes of police that will be on duty.  With every passing year this event does nothing but grow in popularity and, in direct correlation, so does the number of police on duty. SO, control your blackout… If that isn’t possible, DO NOT blackout or you may just awaken in a cold jail cell in the middle of NJ.  No one wants that!

Continuing on to NYC for the REAL St. Patrick’s day… If you have any energy left after Hoboken that is.  Unlucky for us this year, March 17 falls on a Tuesday.  I’m guessing that means TWO weekends of partying, the weekend before and of course the weekend after.  As the day nears I will post some bars in the area that are having St. Patty’s Day specials but in the meantime, for those of you who have the space and want to host their own party, I have some very key information… 

Where to buy a keg/beer in bulk in NYC:

1. B&E Quality Beverage (212) 243-6812angelkeg.jpg
This Chelsea beer distributor delivers everywhere in Manhattan below 100th Street. A case of Bud is $18.95; a six-pack of Heineken is $7.50; and a six-pack of Brooklyn Lager is $7.95.

2. New York Beverage Wholesalers  (212) 831-4000
With next-day delivery to anywhere in Manhattan, this beer seller also has a thorough website with constantly updated prices on everything in stock. A case of Bud is $19.99; a six-pack of Brooklyn Lager, $8.99; and a half-keg of Bud is $80, in addition to a store deposit.

3.  American Beer Distributing (718) 875-0226
The friendly Cobble Hill distributor will deliver in Manhattan and nearby Brooklyn, and is phenomenal for unusual beers. Ask about the one-stop party service: $75 minimum with a $7.50 delivery, mix and match on everything in the store. A case of Bud is $19.85; a case of Heineken is $31.49; and a half-keg of Bud is $79.99, plus a $130 deposit.

4. Thrifty Beverage Center (718) 278-1500
Located in Astoria, Thrifty offers a case of Bud for $17.09; a case of Heineken for $28; and a half-keg of Bud for $75, plus a $120 deposit.

5. Flair Beverage (212) 569-8713
This distributor compensates for the trek up to Inwood with some dirt-cheap prices. A case of Bud is $15.49; a six-pack of Heineken is $5.99; and a six-pack of Brooklyn Lager goes for $5.99.

6. Warehouse Wine & Spirits (212) 982-7770
Astor Wines’ inexpensive next-door neighbor offers ridiculous specials like a gigantic 1.75 liter of Skyy for only $22.99. A liter of Absolut is $21.99 and a liter of Jim Beam is $12.99.

7. PJ Wine (212) 567-5000
This monster warehouse in the further reaches of Manhattan (204th Street) is for those with transportation only, as it does not deliver spirits. A liter of Absolut is $20.99 and a liter of Jim Beam is $14.99.

Thats all for now. Stay tuned for more as we approach the big day!

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