26th October 2007

“Innocent” Observations

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Have you ever been to a bar and just observed how men and women operate?  What makes them tick?  What determines their approach toward the opposite sex?

There’s no doubt that personality dictates behavior and confidence.  I’m also sure the amount and type of alcohol consumed plays a major role.

Half the fun of going to the bar is to boost your own ego and watch other people having fun, isn’t it?

Single men and women likely make up the greater population of those who spend time in bars and clubs.  Men and women meet easily and find that a few drinks help boost their confidence with the opposite sex.  If they are single, he might earn himself a nice close slow dance or maybe even a fun little dirty dance with her.  They’ll probably cozy up at a table in the corner and spend the evening smiling at each other and sharing secrets.  He might get her phone number, they might share a few kisses and touches, and depending on their inhibitions or lack of, they might end going home together.

One of the great things about being in a bar or club is people watching.  Don’t you just get a secret little kick out of watching people getting flirty and having fun, regardless of their marital status?  You know you’re secretly cheering for the married guy who is the father of three children, and having had just enough beer to make him feel bold, getting sucked into a lip-lock with a twenty-something tattooed little number who is most definitely NOT his wife! 

And you KNOW that the married woman who suddenly finds a guy’s hand planted on her butt is getting a thrill that confirms to her that she’s still HOT, right?  (Maybe she should be more careful about leaning over that table!)  And you’ve gotta give points to the guy being friendly with a woman, pointing to his cheek and asking for just a little peck.  As she complies, he quickly turns toward her so the kiss lands on his lips, much to her surprise.  She feigns shock, but the quick look to her girlfriend and the giggle that follows proves she enjoyed the attention thoroughly.

It all just goes to show that bars and clubs are a great place to let loose in your free time. And for those needing an ego boost, I highly recommend you put on something sexy, make tracks to the nearest establishment, order up your favorite beverage, and see where the evening takes you.

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  1. 1 On October 27th, 2007, paidtoclick said:

    Not Innocent
    They don’t responsibility their life.

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