16th March 2007

The Maraschino Cherry Special – “Cherry Bomb”

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A St. Patty’s day treat, the Maraschino Cherry Bomb.

Maraschino Cherry Jar

St. Patty’s day ’02, esteemed older “brother” Brian Slattery (Slat) had had these Cherry’s soaking in a jar for about a month, what in? Grain… yes it seems that all my recipe’s will include grain considering 2 of 2 now have included this “ambitious” form of alcohol, but moving forward I promise to mix it up a bit more.

1 Fifth Grain Alcohol
48 oz. Maraschino Cherries
Place 6 8oz jars of cherries (drained), mixed with EVERCLEAR into sealable canister for approx. 1 month (you can soak longer if you so choose)

To drown out flavor of Everclear, put one cherry in shot glass, and fill with sprite or 7up.
Take cherry and soda into mouth at same time, chew cherry, and swallow all together.

This preparation time may seem a bit long, and as St. Patty’s day is tomorrow it is clearly not possible to complete by then. But put this recipe aside for those special occasions, graduations, birthdays, Cinco de Mayo, or just prepare them and set them aside for those impromptu parties and enjoy!

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