7th April 2009

7 Guidelines and Benefits of Cooking with Alcohol

Instead of giving you a recipe for something delicious this week, and “giving you the fish”, I’m going to teach you how to “catch the fish”…

…Meaning, I want to teach you how to use alcohol for yourself in cooking without a recipe per se.

Beer Mugs - Set of 4 by ForumBeer, wine and other liquors aren’t just for drinking anymore in your kitchen!!!

1. Alcohol enhances and carries flavor in your cooking. Flavors will be brought out more and the dish will be more rich and layered in flavor.

In fact, when cooking with alcohol, the dish will certainly taste even better the next day or if you allow a soup or stew to simmer for 1-2 hours more.

2.  Most often when cooking with alcohol, you are going to allow the dish to simmer or continue to cook to the point that the alcohol dissipates. In other words, the alcohol will evaporate, leaving behind the flavor it added.

Of course, when adding Bailey’s Irish Cream to a coffee after dinner, the alcohol will still remain. Or if you’ve marinated olives, they will still carry that alcohol with them…

…But if you’re deglazing your sautée pan with red wine when creating sautéed mushrooms, the alcohol will surely evaporate and the liquid reduce.

coconutpalm.jpg3.  When making a certain ethnic food from a particular geographic area, try to use alcohol, whether it be a wine, beer or liquor, that is from that region or associated with an ethnic food.

In other words, when cooking Asian food, use saké. When making a rich German dish, use a great German beer. When making French food, use a good Burgundy wine. When creating a Caribbean masterpiece, use Rum or even Malibu Rum. A great stroganoff calls for a crisp Russian Vodka. I love Mezcal or Tequila in my Chili Recipes!

4. If you’re using a certain Read the rest of this entry »

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1st April 2009

April Fools

Thought we’d have a little fun here at SizzUp on April Fools day with some “creative” (to say the least) recipes.


The Captain’s Bounty

½ oz. coconut rum
1 bottle lemon-lime Gatorade
2 oz. seltzer
2 dashes Old Bay

Serving suggestion: Garnish with ravioli and enjoy.
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1st April 2009

Kimberly’s Bazooka Joe Shots

Seriously, you’ll be so surprised! These shots taste just like Bazooka Joe bubble gum!
~ Kimberly Edwards

Photo left: Blue Cura̤ao Рone of the ingredients in this shot!

Type: Beverage
Serve With: Fun!
Prep Time: 2 min

1 part Irish Cream – I prefer Bailey’s.
1 part Blue Curaçao
1 part Banana Liqueur – I prefer Galliano.



1. Pour Read the rest of this entry »

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24th March 2009

Mango Yogurt with White Wine Delight

GntMango2.jpgIf you’re looking for a healthy and easy treat, with a little bit of indulgence, this is the perfect solution! It’s creamy, exotic and takes about 2 minutes to create! Wow everyone with this delight! With the black seeds, it resembles a passionfruit dessert, my favorite fruit in the world!
~ Kimberly Edwards 🙂

Type: Dessert Recipe
Tags: white wine, wine, yogurt, mango, snack, treat, dessert
Serve With: A devious smile!
Prep Time: 2-3 minutes
Yield: This is a recipe for each bowl – 1 bowl

3/4 cup Mango Chunks – Fresh or frozen
3/4 cup Plain Yogurt – I prefer Balkan style – or the highest milk fat percentage organic yogurt you can find.
2 tbsp White Wine – Or champagne
Drizzle Read the rest of this entry »

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16th March 2009

St. Patty’s ’09


Where to go in NYC:

Start it off right with the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade starting at 11:00 a.m. on 5th Avenue and 44th Street, heading up 5th Avenue to 86th St., where it turns east towards 3rd Avenue where it eventually ends there around 3:00 p.m.

For an original event, i suggest heading over to The Village Pour House

The Uptown (982 Amsterdam) VPHouse will be playing true Hibernian music while offering drinks specials on pints of green beer, Guinness, car bombs and shot/brew combos. However, the name of the game is “limericks” such as, “There once was a man from Nantucket…” Well, some people forget these bawdy poems are actually named after a town in Ireland—so, to show love for St. Patrick’s Day, guests will be invited to recite their favorite rhyming ditty and receive a free green beer for their effort. Even sweeter, no cover to party at this 21+ event that starts at 7 p.m. 


For those of you in the “Downtown” area, don’t worry, their 11th st and third ave location (Village Pour House) will be featuring: green apple martinis, “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shots of, er, something green and of course…the infamous green beer. There’ll be a lucky leprechaun on hand for photo moments and also to provide one fortunate fella’ or female with his hidden “pot o’ gold” (please ask before you tear at his trousers) as well as a psychic who will see what’s to come…we’re no mediums, but when green brew is involved, it’s an easy prediction that bathroom visits will be in your near, near future. Party starts at 5 p.m. with no cover and runs until the break o’ dawn (or they close—whichever comes first).

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16th March 2009

Creamy Moong Bean Soup with Creme de Sake

This is a fabulously delicious recipe that’s healthy too, but could still be a great treat on a Friday night served with sake! Be sure to check out the video for this recipe @ Creamy Moong Bean Soup from Kimberly Edwards.
~ Kimberly Edwards 🙂

Type: Soup Recipe
Serve With: Fried Pitas, or Crusty French or Italian Bread – Garnish with sesame seeds, sliced green onion and a squeeze of lime, if desired
Prep Time: 8 min
Cook Time: ~ 35 min
Yield: Large stock pot full – About 8 servings
Nutrition Facts: This is a complete protein meal! Enjoy…

1 large Onions – Diced
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 tsp Coconut Oil
1 Bay Leaf
4 cloves Garlic – Finely minced
1″ piece Fresh Ginger – Grated
1 package Firm Tofu – Diced
1 tbsp Read the rest of this entry »

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10th March 2009

Yummy Rum and Coke Float

Coca-Cola logo.svg

Simple, yet absolutely fabulous! A twist on an old-time favorite float and an old-time favorite alcoholic drink! Yum!
~ Kimberly Edwards 🙂

Type: Beverage
Serve With: Large straw and a spoon
Prep Time: 2 min
Yield: 1 large mug

2 shots Dark Rum – I use more because the drink is cold and taste buds don’t work as well cold.
1 large scoop Vanilla Ice Cream
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24th February 2009


Happy Fat Tuesday, OH How I wish I were down in New Orleans!  If any of you are please do

“In the Big Easy
The party has just begun
And the happy times”


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23rd February 2009

The New Look

As many of you have read about and some have already explored, we have created a unique bartender application (Click on The Bartender Graphic on the left). 

How To Use:

1. Choose your ingredients from OUR list on the Left.
2. Make sure you check for ICE, as it counts towards the results’ score.
3. When you’re done, click on SERVE ME PLEASE, and the results will appear immediately under the Bartender with up to 50% relevance.

Of course this is just our BETA version of this application.  Our full version (Pictured Below) will be released with the launch of our ‘full’ website along with some other useful applications. 

In the meantime, it is very important to us that we get this application as close to perfect as possible your feedback is KEY, so don’t hold back and feel free to leave your comments on the page.  For a sneak peak at the SizzUp Bartender’s new look, see below:


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19th February 2009

St. Patty’s Come Early

St. Patrick’s Day is our favorite holiday here at SizzUp… For obvious reasons.  Back when I went to Penn State we would start lining up at the bars around 8 AM, sometimes earlier on this “highest of holy days” (For a college kid).  


That in mind, it is never too early to start planning your St. Patty’s Day celebration!  So for those of you in the NY/NJ area here are a couple things to keep in mind:

Hoboken claims to host one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parades in New Jersey (possibly the entire Eastern seaboard), and this year will be no exception. Mark your calendars early, though, as Hoboken isn’t a town that follows the norm. This parade is always held on the first Saturday of March in order to beat out New York City for the best performers and the most celebratory spectators—this year, on Saturday, March 7, 2009, beginning at 1 p.m., the parade will kick off at 14th and Washington Streets and head south on Washington, with a reviewing stand in front of City Hall (Washington and First Streets).
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